Industry Accreditation - Your proof of material grown well

Accredited nurseries are conscious of quality. NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia), EcoHort and BioSecure HACCP are national accreditation schemes with the purpose of reassuring the buyer of industry best practice.

They also highlight growers already investing time and money in quality, processes and product performance.

Speciality Trees prides itself in producing superior material focusing on a trees structure and root ball.  Being NIASA accredited means that we are accountable with audits and strict process compliance. With recent concern over bio-security issues, NIASA also provides a safety net against the spread of unwanted weeds, pests and disease. Our environmental stewardship and commitment to the wellbeing of the community we live in is covered off by the inclusion of EcoHort certification.

NIASA accredited and EcoHort® certified, our material is produced with the highest respect to environmental standards. As a NIASA accredited nursery we have ongoing accountability in the following key production areas:

  • Quality of stock entering the nursery.  Good feeder stock is vital; we are particular about the quality of all material into the nursery for growing on.
  • Regular formative pruning.  Pruning is carried out to promote health and a strong branching structure.  Early removal of problematic branches assures the tree will have a single dominant stem and a crown requiring less pruning when established.
  • Regular root pruning. Root pruning is vital and is conducted every time potting occurs. The ability of the tree to thrive post planting is clearly linked to the tree’s root structure and its ability to anchor and support itself in soil.
  • Tailored growing media. After trials and observations over many years, the importance of a high quality mix tailored to the requirements of each species is vital, as is the purchase from accredited potting mix manufacturers.
  • Irrigation management.  One hundred percent reliable on our own site for water capture, our irrigation systems are constantly reviewed to maximise use and minimise plant stress.  Recent changes provide a saving of up to 10% by delivering a more considered timing, volume and frequency.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Our IPM system has been in place now for over a decade with outstanding success.  Ongoing training provides a focused and shared understanding of the need to keep an ecological balance within the nursery. Select members of staff are given a focused responsibility for areas of nutrition, pest, weed and disease management giving Speciality Trees a holistic approach to plant health.


So how does AS2303 affect your purchase?

For information on the newly released AS2303 click here. This document provides a handy guideline to buyers to assist them with the selection of well-grown, premium tree material. It encourages the buyer to understand the production methods adopted by the grower so there is no misconception about the quality of the tree being supplied into the landscape, it's size and ability to perform once planted. 

Speciality Trees is a proud partner in the 202020 Vision.

Councils and the general public are only just catching up with what us Nursery people and horticulturalists already know: Trees are valuable to our way of life. They assist us to stay warm or cold and aid in the filtration of fresh air for breathing. Imagine a life without trees? Here's some reasons why everyone should be planting more trees.

NIASA accreditation is given to those nurseries who continue to adopt nursery industry best practice in all areas of production. Speciality Trees has been NIASA accredited since 1997.

EcoHort certification focuses on environmental accountability and refers specifically to the way in which a business sustainably manages its inputs and outputs. Speciality Trees has been an EcoHort certified nursery since 2008.


Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA)   EcoHort™ Certified  


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