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Broad selections for screening

Looking for trees to give you that natural screen and don't know where to start? How about right here.

Magnolia grandiflora

Bull Bay Magnolia (evergreen)

A beautiful big dense tree perfect for screening with dark green glossy leaves with a brown velvety underside. Big leaves hold beautiful flowers in spring and summer so the screen is also fragrant. Much bigger than its compact counterparts 'Exmouth', 'Kay Parris' and 'Little Gem' we are back doing limited numbers in 50 litre containers.

Leptospermum petersonii

Lemon-scented Tea Tree

The lemon-scented tea tree is a beautiful Australian native tree with a shrubby habit. The new foliage is copper/bronze in colour so we think it works great as a free-flowing screen. It's signature feature is the citrus scent it gives off when the leaves are crushed. This variety is available now in 50 litre containers.

Hakea laurina

Pincushion Hakea

An attractive small evergreen tree or shrub, with long leather textured leaves with red veins. It has amazing pink and white flowers in autumn and winter that resemble pin cushions hence it's common name. As these are such a feature, this tree would work well as a screen to 5 metres. We have lovely stock in 50 litre containers around 2 metres tall.

Lophostemon confertus

Queensland Brush Box

Lophostemen confertus grows as a dense tree to 15 metres tall and 10 metres wide. It has glossy green leaves, small white flowers and coloured bark that peels in summer. We have good numbers in both 50 litre containers and 100 litre bags.

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