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Our Summertime Advanced Tree Selections

While it is a hot and dry time of the year, planting is not out of the question, provided there is a reliable means of supplying adequate water to newly planted material for the first 6 weeks after planting.

Liriodendron tulipifera

Tulip Tree

Shapely fresh green leaves make this such a beautiful tree for this time of year. Our stock is looking exceptionally well as well and is available in 50L & 100L containers. Liriodendron tulipulifera 'Aureomarginatum' with its attractive yellow rimmed foliage is also available in the same sizes.

Cupressus leylandii 'Leightons Green'

Fresh, lush and green, this variety is great for screening outside entertaining spaces and watertanks. We have ample stock in 50L, 100L and 150L containers.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Kay Parris'

This is a beautiful specimen. It has a wavy edge to its leaf and fuller shape than Little Gem' and 'Exmouth' which makes it suitable for hedging as well as a feature tree. Come and see our outstanding specimens in 50L and 100L containers.

Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Natchez'

Crepe Myrtle (White)

Summer flowering Crepe Myrtles are a favourite this time of year. They are long flowering and their make stunning specimen trees. We grow 'Tuscarora' (coral red), Biloxi (Pink) and Natchez (white). We have good numbers in 50L, 100L and 150L containers.

Corymbia ficifolia 'Summer Beauty'

This is a stunning grafted flowering gum which produces masses of flowers in summer. Large glossy foliage is dark green in colour, highlighted by lighter green undersides. New growth emerges with a reddish tinge. Its flower colour is a beautiful, soft pink with a hint of apricot, produced over the summer months, followed by large gumnuts. Rich in nectar, this is a great bird attracting, small grafted tree.

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