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Selections for skinny screens

There are times when the growing space only allows for a narrow selection. These trees can be clipped to remain healthy within the space or naturally grow 'skinny' or skinnier than others of their species.

Pyrus calleryana 'Capital'

Capital Ornamental Pear

This tree has a narrow growth habit with luscious shiny green leaves that hang vertically from branches. An attractive curl in the foliage adds further interest and the slender, columnar shape lends itself well to tight spaces. In autumn, leaves turn a purpley-red colour and spring brings a beautiful display of lovely white flowers followed by small, russet coloured fruits.

Banksia integrifolia 'Sentinel'

This is a small shrub with medium frost tolerance for use as a dense narrow flowering screen. Prefering full sun to light shade it produces upright lemon brush-like flowers from late summer to winter. Responds well to pruning.

Liriodendron tulipifera 'fastigiata'

Upright Tulip Tree

A smaller tree which is more upright than it is wide, forming a tear drop shape with age. It offers the same beautiful characteristics as straight L. tulipifera but its growth habit is much narrower with erect, upright growing branches. From late spring to summer, large yellowish-green, tulip-like flowers decorated with orange markings appear. In autumn the large lime green leaves turn a rich, golden-yellow before falling. This variety is suitable for smaller gardens due to its narrow growth habit.

Betula pendula fastigiata

Upright Silver Birch

This tree has an unusual growth habit, the branches intertwine with each other and grow inwards thus producing an erect habit. The leaves are triangular shape and have a serrated edge. They change from green to butter yellow in autumn. The ornamental white trunk sheds in sheets paper thin. It has deep black fissures in the lower trunk. This tree looks fantastic during its dormant period.

Cupressus sempervirens 'glauca'

Italian Pencil Pine

The Italian Pencil Pine is an excellent, low maintenance choice for creating a formal look in areas where space is limited. This variety has a dense, upright, columnar growth habit and requires very little to no pruning to maintain its shape. Foliage is aromatic with a blue-green shade and produces less fruit than many other pencil pine selections.

Callistemon viminalis 'CV01' Slim ™

Slim Bottlebrush

This is a narrow growing Bottlebrush great for tight planting spots. It provides all the usual colour and texture qualities of Callistemon, flowering from spring to autumn but with the benefit of being able to use to as a compact alternative in positions that are narrower. Flowers are red and numerous over the warmer months. Of course it can also be used as a screen or hedge to attract birds, bees and butterflies into the garden.

Syzygium australe 'SAN01' Straight and Narrow ™

Straight and Narrow Lilly Pilly

This Lilly Pilly is a better form than the narrow growing 'Pinnacle' due to its dense foliage and naturally columnar form. Foliage is a mid-green colour and fruits are reddish-pink. As the name suggests it is a great selection for narrow spaces.

Syzygium australe 'Plum Magic'

Plum Magic Lilly Pilly

This variety of Lilly Pilly can be used for both small and tall borders. It has been selected for its new growth which is plum-coloured, hence its name, which turns deep green when mature. 'Plum Magic' also has a higher resistance to psyllid than other Syzygium.

Syzygium australe 'Cherry Bomb'

Cherry Bomb Lilly Pilly

This is a dense variety of Lilly Pilly with intense cherry red flushes of new growth that will fade to a rich deep green as it matures. Small, white, fluffy flowers appear in summer and autumn that grow into clusters of deep pink, edible berries.

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