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Spring Feature Trees

Here are our feature tree selections, ready now for planting. Be quick to secure this material.

Melia azedarach

White Cedar, China Berry

This fast growing tree to 10m tall produces showy lilac coloured flowers in summer. It has attractive green bipinnate leaves and yellow bead like fruits which last long after the leaves have fallen. The fruit is pale orange or cream in colour. The tree offers good canopy shade once mature. A lovely tree, we have material ready to go now in 40cm and 50cm containers.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 'Sunburst'

Golden Honey Locust

An attractive decidious tree with a vase shaped canopy with bright yellow young pendulous leaves that ripen to a lime green colour. It is a popular tree beacause of its vibrant colour and soft weeping foliage. Has large black seedpods that hang from the branches in winter. An attractive tree for colour contrast. We have lovely specimens ready to go now in 100 litre bags for immediate impact.

Betula pendula 'Alba'

Betula pendula 'Alba' is a weeping deciduous Birch tree with a beautiful white trunk, pendulous branches and silvery green foliage. Its leaves change from green to gold in autumn which makes it a lovely tree for year-round interest. Talk to us now about our 50cm stock which is big and ready for immediate planting.

Pyrus ussuriensis

Manchurian Flowering Pear

This is a popular ornamental pear with that is wider spreading then the 'Capital' or 'Cleveland select'. It has oval shaped green leaves that are serrated on the edges.  These turn a brilliant red colour during autumn. Flowers are small and white and are borne in Spring. A glorious tree for shade we have great specimens available now in 50cm and 100 litre bags.

Citrus reticulata 'Emperor Mandarin'

An attractive and strong fruiting tree that produces excellent fruit year after year. Fruit has large skin that forms completely separate from the flesh making this variety easy to peel. The fruit are available from April to late October. Has glossy green leaves with small white flowers. Our 100 litre stock would make for a lovely specimen tree. 

Ulmus parvifolia 'Burnley Select'

Chinese Elm

This is an attractive small to medium-sized semi-deciduous, ornamental tree with glossy dark green leaves which turn yellow before falling in winter. The bark exfoliates in patches, revealing beautiful mottled colours of grey,green, orange & brown. We like this selection because it is narrow spreading. We have good numbers available now in 50 cm containers.

Olea europaea 'Swan Hill'

Swan Hill Olive

This low fruiting olive tree has slender, greyish-green foliage with a silvery underside. It is considered a slow grower and if left unpruned, can grow as tall as it does wide. A good selection for the foliage over fruit, we have great numbers available in 50cm containers.

Hymenosporum flavum

Native Frangipani

This tree produces highly fragrant flower clusters that start out cream and turn to yellow. The tree is slender and has shiny green leaves. The flower is attractive to birds and native bees. In typical Native Frangipani style, our 50cm batch varies a little in height but stock is locked up and ready for planting now.

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