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Street Trees for Under Powerlines

Striking a balance between community expectations around fire prevention and encouraging increased canopy cover along streets is tricky. What should you consider? And what selections are available?

Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius 'Bella Pink'

Grows 8m x 7m. A new grafted selection. Small to medium-sized tree, grafted for compactness. Great for urban situations including streetscapes. Makes a reliable shade tree.

Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius 'Jerilderie Red'

Grows 8m x 7m. A new grafted selection with a bloated trunk and stunning flowers in summer. This is another tree that would make a good street tree and distinctive signature statement. It is a reliable selection for shade.

Callistemon citrinus 'Kings Park Special'

Grows 4m x 2m. This native small tree is very hardy and adaptable to a wide range of locations and soils. A highly versatile tree for many situations with distinctive red bottle brush flowers, it is generally trouble-free.

Corymbia citriodora 'Scentuous' syn. 'Dwarf Pink'

Grows 7m x 3m. This fantastic selection has fine leaves, grows to 7 metres in 20 years, remains fully ‘dressed’ with little to no limb drop and has the most magnificent salmon-pink bark. Grafted onto C. maculata this tree will appeal for street tree and general amenity plantings.

Eucalyptus torquata

Coral Gum

Grows 6m x 3m. This is a compact growing, spreading tree to 3 metres. A nice selection for streetscapes and performs best in full sun. Easy to prune and maintain.

Lophostemon confertus 'ST2'

Grows 8m x 4m approx. This is our selection and new to the range. It has a more dense and upright habit compared to straight Lophostemon confertus. It is not overly tall but has an impressive structure perfect for streetscapes.

Tristaniopsis laurina 'DOW10' Luscious® PBR'

Kanooka Gum

Grows 7m x 3m. This is a small, tough tree with glossy foliage. Tristaniopsis has been used extensively in Melbourne as a street tree. However, this newer variety with its smaller, more compact form is far more suitable for under power lines. We have found it requires a little effort to establish but it copes with pruning well and provides excellent specimen when mature.

Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Sioux'

Crepe Myrtle (hot musk pink)

All Lagerstroemia Selections apply. Trees grow between 3-8m x 3-4m depending on variety. All varieties perform well with minimal maintenance and respond well to regular pruning. They cope well with a variety of soil types. There are a number of varieties to choose from based on flower colour. We prefer Sioux, Natchez or Zuni as they are more compact trees.

Malus ioensis 'plena'

Iowa Crab Apple

Grows 6m x 4m. In the same vein as Lagerstroemia but with more a weeping habit, this deciduous ornamental offers flower and form to 6m which makes it a fabulous small feature tree in streetscapes where height and space is limited.

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