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Super Screening Trees

Neighbours? What neighbours! Any of these screening selections will do the trick perfectly.

Acacia cognata 'Green Screen'

This attractive small tree to 4m has weeping branches holding narrow, bright green foliage. It is during the winter months when masses of yellow, globular flowers cover the tree. Because of its fine foliage, the screening effect is full, soft and fluid. We have a small batch available this season in 30cm containers, but be quick. 

Allocasuarina littoralis

Black Sheoak

This is an erect conical shaped tree when mature which has dark fissured bark sometimes looking black at certain times of the year. This fast growing tree bears showy red flowers in spring. Is probably grown more for its long, thin foliage which works well as screens particularly where height is restricted. Our stock is looking fabulous and ready to go now in 50cm/52L containers. 

Allocasuarina torulosa

Forest Sheoak

This is another tree with fine foliage similar to the needles of a pine tree. In winter foliage turns a beautiful copper colour. It is this year-round interest that makes for a wonderful screen. We have good numbers available now in 40cm/27L and limited supply in 50cm/52L containers.

Banksia integrifolia

Coastal Banksia

This distinctive native tree has rough patterned bark and long green leaves with a silver underside. Pale yellow flowers are a cylinder shape can be seen in summer through to winter.  Ornamental looking seed pods add to the distinctive look of this tree. Another good option for a structured screen in a native garden. We have good numbers available in 40cm/27L and 50cm/52L.

Hakea salicifolia

Willow-leafed Hakea

A beautiful small tree or bushy shrub that can be used as a specimen tree, mixed with other natives or hedged to great effect due to its fine narrow leaf and bushy habit. While we have classified it as having a standard tree shape, we grow it bushy and full to the ground. We have great looking material ready now in 40cm/27L containers.

Leptospermum petersonii

Lemon scented teatree

This is a beautiful native tree with a shrubby habit. The new foliage is charming copper-bronze colour. Small white flowers cover the tree in early summer. The leaves when crushed have a beautiful citrus scent. Growing to 5m it makes a lovely informal screen. Check out our material ready to plant now in 30cm and 40cm/27L.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Coolwyn Gloss'

This variety  grows to 10 metres tall making it ideal as a feature tree or informal screen if multiple specimens are planted in a row along a fenceline or boundary. It looks particularly stunning in a layered garden. It has an upright branching structure and glossy green leaves. As a relatively new addition to our range, we have material ready to go this season in 40cm/27L, 50cm/52L and 100L bags.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Exmouth'

Bull Bay Magnolia

The other large evergreen Magnolia to 10 metres tall is 'Exmouth'. A well-known specimen in landscaping circles for both features and screens, it has glossy green leaves and an upright structure similar to 'Coolwyn Gloss'.  'Exmouth' is available this season in 30cm, 40cm.27L, 50cm/52L and there are a few larger specimens in 100L bags.

Olea europaea 'Swan Hill'

Swan Hill Olive

This variety is low-fruiting with slender, greyish-green foliage with a silver underside. It is considered a slow grower and if left unpruned, can grow as tall as it does wide.  This means that it works really well as a distinctive screen if planted in multiple units along a fenceline if it is kept a little clipped. While we have a few left in 50cm/52L containers, the bulk of our stock is ready to go now in 40cm/27L pots.

Pyrus calleryana 'Winter Glow'

Ornamental Pear

This is a variation on Manchurian Pear, which is similar in both height and width that holds leaves well into late winter. In a temperate climate it can hold its leaves all the way through leading to a reputation as an evergreen pear. In Melbourne it is deciduous. Produces beautiful flame red foliage in autumn. It is a good option for screening where space permits. Talk to us about stock in 50cm/52L containers for planting this season.

Tristaniopsis laurina 'DOW10' Luscious® PBR'

Kanooka Gum

This is newer version of the straight Tristaniopsis laurina with larger and shinier dark green leaves and new growth that starts out a distinctive copper colour. Fragrant yellow flowers are produced in clusters across summer. Great for planting out along a fenceline, we have reasonable numbers in 30cm and 100L bags, with limited supply in 40cm/27L containers.

Waterhousea floribunda 'ST1' Whisper

Weeping Lilly Pilly

This is a versatile tree with a wonderful weeping habit making it perfect for large screening projects and the softening of ugly fence lines. Its leaves are various shades of green with new growth starting off pink before turning. It forms white flowers in summer which is followed by green fruits. A popular line for us, we have stock available in good numbers in 40cm/27L, 50cm/52L, 100L and 150L bags.

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