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They might be bare, but they are full of promise!

While most of the year it is a good time to plant trees in a temperate climate like Melbourne, July for deciduous trees is PARTICULARLY good. Planting trees when dormant is always advisable since that is when it is least disruptive to the tree.

Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Natchez'

Crepe Myrtle (white)

One of the most rewarding of trees is Lagerstroemia. From beautiful pale bare limbs, green leaves appear and spectacular white crinkle like flowers in late summer. Before it is winter again, foliage changes from dark green to orange before falling. This is a very popular line because of its intense flowering and year-round attraction whether in flower, bare in winter or otherwise. We have good numbers now in 30cm, 50 litre containers and 100 litre bags.

Catalpa bignonioides

Indian Bean Tree

This is a tree with one massive leaf giving it an attractive broad-domed canopy when mature. Attractive bell-shaped flowers and bean-like seed capsules are produced in summer hence its common name of Indian Bean Tree. This is a nice selection for a bushland affect or spot in the landscape requiring canopy. Plant in full sun. We have good-looking material ready to go now in 40cm and 50 litre containers.

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 'Shademaster'

Green Honey Locust

This is a tree with attractive small bi-pinnate leaves and a beautiful pendulous habit. Again from bare limbs dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn before falling to the floor. Gleditsia make a very striking specimen tree due to their lateral branching and intense colouring. Be sure to come and take a look at our stock ready now for planting in 40cm and 50 litre containers.

Quercus palustris

Pin Oak

This Pin Oak starts bare in winter and ends shedding foliage in a deep red to brown colour range in autumn. In between it shows off its dark green leaves that at magnificently lobed. Quite a distinctive tree for large spaces. We have good numbers available of this beautiful tree in 40cm and 50 litres, we some limited stock in larger 100 litre bags for instant affect.

Pyrus ussuriensis

Manchurian Ornamental Pear

A popular ornamental tree selection, Manchurian Pear produces oval shaped green leaves after the end of their dormancy phase and these leaves turn a brilliant red colour come autumn. A great feature tree selection, this species has a wider branching habit than 'Cleveland Select' and the narrower 'Capital'. We have lovely stock in 50 litre containers and 100 litre bags ready to go now.

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