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Where's your sense of adventure?

Trees allow children to explore the natural environment. Green spaces invite spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. Of course you knew that! But what to plant in your green space?

Acer truncatum x platanoides warrenred 'Pacific Sunset'

This very attractive small to medium sized Maple has glossy, dark green, sharply-lobed leaves, which change to a multitude of yellows, oranges and reds in autumn. Moderately fast growing it is known to perform well in trying conditions. Flowers in late spring have little ornamental value.

Banksia integrifolia

Coastal Banksia

This distinctive native tree is found on the east coast of Australia. It has rough patterned bark and long green leaves with a silver underside. Pale yellow flowers are a cylinder shape can be seen in Summer to Winter the flowers can be up to 12cm long. The seed pods stay on the branch for long periods and look very ornamental.

Allocasuarina torulosa

Forest Sheoak

This tree has a corky light brown bark that has deep fissures.The leaves are thin green needles like a pine tree. There are female and male trees with gold male flowers in Autumn and female rounded warty cones. In Winter the branchlets turn a beautiful copper colour. A wonderful feature is the sound the wind makes when it travels through the folaige!

Corymbia citriodora 'Scentuous' syn. 'Dwarf Pink'

This is a slightly narrow domed tree that doesn't shed its branches. It has a smooth trunk that may be slightly mottled. The bark is a pinky salmon in colour. Leaves are narrow and highly aromatic when crushed smelling strongly of lemon. This tree features lovely cream-coloured flowers in summer.

Ulmus parvifolia 'Todd'

Chinese Elm

This semi decidious tree has a lovely pendular habit with bright green serrated leaves. It's bark is smooth and flaking with various colours including grey, redish brown and cream.

Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana

Dwarf Sugar Gum

This Australian native medium sized trees is usually multi stemed and is stout and solid with grey coloured bark and glossy green leaves. It produces yellow flowers in summer.

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

This small attractive tree has spectacular heart shaped burgundy coloured leaves that continually change colour throughout the year. The branches have a distinctive, smooth dark brown wood which contrasts well with the blossom like pink flowers that are bourne before the re-emergence of burgundy leaves once again in spring.

Jacaranda mimosifolia


This fast growing tree is an elegant specimen with green soft foliage turning to yellow in Winter before shedding. The flowers are purple, bell shaped and cover the canopy. The seed pods are very distinct fleshy curved green pods that eventually dry and open. It is an attractive open tree with branches upwardly ascending. A great summertime feature due it's stunning purple flowers.

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