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Corylus colurna

Foliage Deciduous
Form Horizontal Branching
Mature Size 12 x 8m
Family Betulaceae
Turkish Hazel

This is a deciduous tree with a pyramidal shape and lateral branching. While it produces a 'fruit' encased in a bristly husk it is widely cultivated as an ornamental tree in Europe and North America. It is very tolerant of difficult growing conditions in urban situations.

Makes a beautiful specimen tree. It is used in commercial hazelnut orchards, as it does not sucker, making it the ideal rootstock on which to graft more common hazel cultivars.

This tree tolerates sandy, loam, and heavier clay soils. It prefers moist soil but can tolerate drought. The plant can tolerate strong winds but not frontline coastal conditions. Being a forest species, it withstands partial shade and shade, especially at a young age.


Horizontal Branching


Fruiting & Edible


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