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Tree Colour - Time to take a closer look!

We talk about the delight of autumnal colour available from April through June each year, but late spring and early summer offer its own colour delight - you just have to look a little more carefully for it.

Waterhousea floribunda 'ST1' Whisper

Weeping Lilly Pilly

This is stunning spring specimen growing to a local height of 12 metres. Waterhousea 'Whisper' has a wonderful weeping pendulous habit with narrow linear green leaves most of the year. In early to late spring new growth has that vibrant reddish orange tinge and personally I think this is the time it is at its best. Used for large screening, its two-tone colourings are quite striking and unexpected. It has white flowers forming in summer followed by green fruits.

Photinia robusta

Red Leaf Photinia

Another prominent red tinged hedging or screening tree depending on intended use is Photinia robusta. Also called Red Leaf Photinia, this is a hardy, small growing tree with small white flowers in summer followed by red fleshy fruit. Very noticeable in the urban landscape from early spring, it is characterised by strong red tipped leaves on fresh new growth, ultimately turning to green as the weather warms up.

Angophora costata

Smoothbarked Apple Myrtle, Rusty Gum

This is a large evergreen tree with dense foliage and broad domed crown that is loved for its smooth bark, and large twisted limbs. Its bark is shed in large flakes in spring when the older pale grey bark makes way for new bark which is salmon-pink in colour. At this time, young foliage appears across the tree giving it a deep burgundy red tinge, gradually fading to green and providing an excellent contrast to the bark. Providing transient colour interest as well as shade, we have good numbers available in 50L, 100L and 150L.

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

This tree is an open, vased-shaped habit with upward branching. Brilliant reddish-purple large heart-shaped leaves amassed on the tree in spring slowly turn purplish-green over the course of summer. Its bark is brownish red fades to grey as the tree matures. This is a beautiful feature tree for small gardens and a very hardy one that will tolerate most soils and conditions. The choice of our stock is in 100 litre containers.

Tristaniopsis laurina 'DOW10' Luscious® PBR'

Kanooka Gum

An Australian native, this is an updated version of the straight Tristaniopsis laurina. Leaves are dark green, shiny and large - and as the name suggests, luscious in appearance! New growth starts out a distinctive copper colour and further interest appears over time with the branches developing deep purple coloured bark which peels back to reveal a smooth, cream trunk. Flowers are yellow and sweetly perfumed, appearing in clusters through summer.

Agonis flexuosa 'Burgundy'

Burgundy Willow Myrtle

This small attractive tree bears white clusters of flowers in spring. It has a beautiful weeping habit. Its foliage is probably the most spectacular feature as it has dark burgundy coloured leaves. The leaves are aromatic when crushed.

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