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Tree Eucalyptus pauciflora Snow Gum
Description This is a hardy Eucalypt commonly found in subalpine areas across the eastern regions of Australia. Young branches are glossy and red and as the tree matures, it develops smooth bark ranging in colour from green to grey and cream. Often, the trunk and branches will develop a crooked, twisted appearance. Leaves are large, glossy, thick and waxy and white flowers appear during the warmer months, followed by large gumnuts.
Foliage Evergreen
Form Pendulous
Mature Size 12 x 5-7m
Uses An excellent street tree and in parks and gardens. Often seen in snow-prone areas. Great in medium to large gardens with its bark being a major feature of the tree. The growth habit is usually determined by the location it is grown in. In high mountain ranges, this variety will grow quite stout, whereas on the coast it will develop into a taller, more upright tree.
Position & Soil Will tolerate a large range of weather conditions from very cold to very hot can tolerate periods of drought and very wet areas but does need good drainage.
Features Evergreen Pendulous Medium Bird Attracting Feature Bark Native Specimen
Pot sizes in production 40cm/27L (1.8-2.0m)
Substitutes Corymbia eximia
Eucalyptus mannifera maculosa
Eucalyptus radiata

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