Confidence below the ground - Checking on Root Systems

A tree's root system is a view into the full potential of the tree, confirmation of the reputation of the grower and peace of mind for you. We show with video what a good root system looks like and how that should guide tree selection. Simply buying the tallest containerised tree is rarely, if ever, the best way to go.

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It takes a challenge like COVID-19 to question our sense of self and community and re-evaluate the important things in life. The fundamental things, like investing in quality time, food and experiences and defining what is most important to us as people: sustainability, green spaces, nature, personal freedoms, health, responsibility and connectivity to the world around us.

In business, being adaptable to customer needs and being available in different modes of operation can be the difference between survival and closure. A crisis tests our attitude and fortitude personally and professionally. We seek accountability for actions and want to support people and businesses that are doing the right thing.

At any time, and especially now, being genuine and transparent to everyone is acting responsibly. Supporting businesses that can adapt to the new business landscape with a product that is grown sustainably is reassuring. Being free from pest and disease takes on new meaning. Consciously, maybe more unconsciously we strip things back to basics. The fundamentals:


As a production nursery, our product relies on mother nature to grow. We nurture and prune to ensure that when conditions are right for that tree, it will thrive in its new environment. It is only then that we offer it for sale. Our view of nature is strong and resilient. While success can be subject to many other factors, cutting corners in the trees juvenile, formative years is not something we do.


A tree can look great above the container, but that is only part of the tree’s story. Is it showing uniform growth especially across the batch, with a balanced crown and even growth around the perimeter of the tree? Is it healthy in colour relative to the season? Is it free of any signs of pest and disease? A tree in distress will present differently depending on the stress it is experiencing.


A physical test of the root ball can be undertaken to ascertain the extent of the tree’s root system. It is a consideration under Australian Standard AS2303 and in time, this test can be avoided by trusting the supplier who grows to this standard but is equally open to discussing reasons for variations based on experience, the genetics of the tree and the environment it is grown in. We conduct root pruning at every pot up. Sale of that tree is not offered up until the specimen has fibrous root systems to the edge of the container.

The root system is a view into the full potential of the tree, confirmation of the reputation of the grower and peace of mind for you. So, buying the tallest containerised tree is rarely, if ever, the best way to go.

With thanks to  Arborcraft Tree Services, and this video put together with our assistance a couple of years ago, we would like to revisit why a trees root systems are so important to selecting well.

For more information on root systems, formative pruning and AS2303, please contact us.

28/04/2020 In the News


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