Browse trees with forms from fastigiate, horizontal branching to pendulous.

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Branches Ascending

The branches of these trees angle upwards, keeping the tree relatively tight in form.


These trees are generally wider than they are tall.


Columnar trees are generally tall and narrow with branching that sits tight on the tree.


Just as the name suggests, these are shaped like cones with the point to the top.


In horticultural terms, fastigiate means having erect, almost parallel branches. This type of tree is tall and narrow so it's suitable in gardens where space is limited.

Horizontal Branching

These trees are great for shade coverage as their branches grow horizontally, reaching well out from the trunk.


Generally speaking, this form whilst being rounded, peaks at the top.


This form specifically relates to palm trees.


A specimen with a pendulous form has foliage or branching that weeps, creating a softness to the tree.


This form represents the natural form of a tree where foliage above the main section of the trunk is full, creating a rounded canopy.


Shrub-like is a term we use to describe a tree that is small and fully branched to the ground.


These trees stand like a ball on a stick and are usually grafted at 1.5m or 1.8m tall.


We use this term for trees that branch out in a V-shape form.


The foliage and branches on a weeping tree is far more accentuated than a tree we term pendulous.

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