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Hot feature tree selections for your next landscape design

The following selections are growing in popularity and will be available in bigger numbers from mid-winter. If you're planning your design now, take a look at what these trees have to offer.

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The following selections are growing in popularity but have only been available to the market in low numbers, so landscape designers may have been hesitant to specify based on this restricted demand. From late winter into spring, we expect healthy numbers in these tree lines so now is the time to take another look at what they offer.

It’s wonderful in the nursery when we can see some 300 lines grow and change not only through the seasons, but as they mature from junior material to larger specimens.

It is even more of a delight when we see new interest in trees, both new and old, as too often designs get restricted to a small trend palette based on functionality.

Enter the feature tree.

It takes a really special tree with special offerings to be called a feature.  Often used to break from single-species screening, to frame an entrance or as a focal point for the eye, these trees offer amazing colour, structure, texture or form.

Spring time delight! Tristaniopsis laurina DOW10 Luscious° PBR is an Aussie native, with large, dark green, shiny foliage which starts out a distinctive copper colour in spring. Over time branches develop deep purple coloured bark which peels back to reveal a smooth, cream trunk. Flowers are yellow and sweetly perfumed, appearing in clusters through summer. With features in every season, you could call this one a year all-rounder too.


Summer stand-out! Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius ‘Bella Pink’ is a small to medium sized shade tree with glossy foliage and pretty clusters of salmon pink, bell-shaped flowers in the warmer months. It’s grafted so more compact in size for domestic landscapes. Flowers are bird attracting.

Summer stand-out! Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius ‘Jerilderie Red’ is an attractive, small growing, densely canopied tree with a distinctive bloated trunk and a large lobed leaves. During the summer months the tree is densely packed with stunning powdery-red flowers that are shaped like small bells. This one is bird attracting too.

Summer stand-out! Magnolia grandiflora ‘Coolwyn Gloss’ is a glossy big-leafed feature tree to 10m tall. Velvety brown undersides offer contrast and white fragrant flowers are huge over the summer months. It excels as an upright, flowering, evergreen feature tree.

A yearly all-rounder! Corymbia maculata ‘ST1 Lowanna’ is a special grafted selection grown for improved density of foliage and compact height. It has the usual distinctive feature bark and cream and grey spotted trunk like its maculata parent, but its form is greatly improved for urban applications. It has small white flowers that are noticeable but insignificant. Grow this tree for tight branch structure and great foliage all year round.

A yearly all-rounder! Angophora costata ‘ST2’ Boronia is another Aussie native loved for its smooth bark that is slightly purple in colour, its large, twisted limbs and expanded trunk base. White flower clusters in appear in spring as does beautiful red new growth. ‘Boronia’ is smaller in stature than the original so far more suitable for urban landscapes.

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