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Protection from Tree Roots

We are often asked about the invasiveness of tree root systems on pipes and infrastructure. It is difficult to know how trees will perform planted now or longer term as this is reliant on so many other in-ground factors. If this is a concern, this is our recommended go-to solution.

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RootWallTM is a durable, thick-walled protective barrier that assists in the prevention of unwanted root damage from trees and plants to pavements, pipes and other infrastructure. Durable and ridged, this product is both easy to cut and install. RootWallTM is manufactured from 90% recycled plastic.


Use RootWallTM to protect paved areas, foundations, retaining walls and water features against root lift and associated damage.


UV-stabilised high-density polyethylene ensures long-term protection.


RootWallTM is easy and simple to install.

Material width is 600mm and we supply per metre cut to the length you require.

  1. Dig a trench to the required depth you need along the edge of the structure, footpath or wall you wish to protect
  2. Lay RootWallTM along the length of the trench and then backfill with soil. For larger projects where a deeper trench is required, RootWallTM can be overlapped and secured in place with strong adhesive tape.
  3. Leave 50mm above the finished level of the soil to safeguard against surface roots

If planting around a pool or close to house walls and other infrastructure, this product will give you peace of mind. Simply order with us at the time of tree purchase. For more material specifications, please contact us.

11/02/2020 Planting & Tree Care


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