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Simply Irresistible - A 'Must Go' Conference

We sponsored the 2013 Australian Landscape Conference for the third time this year. Held every second year, we believe it is the best managed and idea inspiring conference of its type. The most pleasing element for Speciality Trees was the...

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The 2013 Australian Landscape Conference - Design for the future

We sponsored the 2013 Australian Landscape Conference for the third time this year. Held every second year, we believe it is the best managed and idea inspiring conference of its type. The most pleasing element for Speciality Trees was the increasing value being placed on plant material. Use of green life, while never ignored, did suffer at the hands of non-porous spaces. But this ‘trend’ appears to be over with greater concern in the management of a changing climate and the movement to porous surfaces which support and integrate the use of trees and plants.

Finally after a millennium of use, plants and trees are being recognized as valuable contributors to landscaping and the urban environment from both a practical and ornamental point of view. They are still to play a greater role as instruments of climate management (wind, rain, temperature moderation) and used in practical ways to improve the health and well-being of communities. Finally we are talking about how plants and trees affect human emotions and behavior.

A Louisa Jones garden

Internationally-reputed author and journalist Louisa Jones, an expert in the gardens of the French Mediterranean region spoke about landscapes that were not only very beautiful in that climate, but practical and productive. The gardens of Provence support a way of life and have evolved over thousands of years. Australian climates are already Mediterranean in nature and this discussion gave significant insights into what can be achieved. More information

Ken Smith is a designer that thinks outside the square. His papers were extraordinary in the range of scope; from open community space through to the rooftops in New York offering practical solutions through innovative thought and thorough planning. His redevelopment of a rail yard into public space in New Mexico while recognizing and respecting the history of the site was extraordinary. The result was an environmentally sustainable solution that clearly educates and communicates with the users of the facility.

Stonefields - Paul Bangay Garden Design

Paul Bangay spoke about his projects and passion for his designs. Using photographs taken by Simon Griffiths of his newest personal garden “Stonefields”, he took us on a journey ending in a formal Bangay garden, typical of his style, beautifully laid out and maintained by craftsmen. Stunning photography over an extended period gave everyone a wonderful insight into the vision and development of what will be a great Australian garden in the future. More information

Raymond Jungles is a hugely talented landscape architect from Florida. He presented insightful talks on both his own work and that of Roberto Burl Marx. Marx acted as his mentor for many years and influenced his life and professional direction significantly. The use of plants, arrangements and art of Marx has perhaps overshadowed Jungles own achievements in a way, but his use of nature and innovative ideas are inspiring on their own. For more information

A Raymond Jungles Backyard Design

The final presenter to note was Chilean architect Juan Grimm. Juan is truly inspirational in what he has achieved. His South American designs blend design with the natural environment resulting in exquisite gardens. His use of open green space, urban environments and artistic use of plant life is quite extraordinary. He seems to be a very quiet and thoughtful man but with great vision and ability to transfer that vision into real life. The use of trees and the natural environment is wonderful. His presentation was a mix of beautiful images and quiet narrative, and setting images to classical music made the experience even more haunting and memorable. More information

If you haven’t been to this conference, put it on your list of things to do it is a wonderful experience and inspiring to plant and design buffs. Speciality Trees is already in discussions with organizers about the next conference.  Watch this space.

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