From 6th August 2020 Stage 4 restrictions will be in place. For our business, this means we are available for online ordering and contactless delivery to site. All of our nursery sites are closed to the General Public with only restricted access allowed for Trade by appointment only. Learn more

Stage 4 Restrictions under COVID-19

Contact us for ONLINE ordering and contactless delivery. An evolving situation around COVID-19 means that from Thursday 6th August, Stage 4 restrictions will be in place.

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An evolving situation around COVID-19 means that from Thursday 6th August, Stage 4 restrictions will be in place for Metropolitan Melbourne. For our business, this means the following:



New COVID-19 measures and protocols apply with regards to access to our nursery under Stage 4.  All visits by our TRADE CUSTOMERS is by appointment only including to pick-up stock. To arrange a booking, please contact our sales team on 9796 8308 or reach out via the Contact Us page on the website.  

For Commercial Freight companies and Industry Supplier drop-offs, please contact the office once at our gates for approval to enter. You will not need to sign in and out, but it is expected that hygiene and social distancing protocols will be adhered to while on our site.


As of Thursday 6th August 2020, all of our nursery sites will be closed to the General Public for visits and appointments. Therefore all tree orders after that date, will need to be placed online, by phone or by email.

If you have ordered and paid for stock from us prior to that date, please contact the sales team to arrange a COVID-safe alternative arrangement. Orders placed from Thursday 6th August can only be by CONTACTLESS DELIVERY in accordance with DHHS stipulations. Our COVID-safe contactless delivery is applicable to the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Please contact our sales team for more information on 9796 8308, or via the Contact Us page on our website. 

For our BENALLA production site:

Regarding visits to view and/or pick up stock, TRADE CUSTOMERS are required to book an appointment by calling our sales team on 03 9796 8308 or 0477 608 872. This site is closed to the GENERAL PUBLIC. Currently in Stage 3 restrictions, all interactions on-site will require the wearing of a mask or facial covering as well as the adherence of strict COVID safe practices clearly set out on the premises.

At all 3 of our sites the following COVID-19 protocols will continue to be maintained:

  • All TRADE customers, suppliers and other business contacts entering the nursery will need to be recorded.  Our Site Visitor Register is located upon entry to the Sales Office. Hand sanitiser is provided for use at this point.
  • At our 2 Narre Warren East sites, Commercial Freight companies and Industry Suppliers dropping off material will not need to sign in and out but will need to call us from the gate on 9796 8308 for approval to enter. It is expected hygiene and social distancing protocols will be adhered to. At our Benalla site, signing in and out will not be required, however the use of a mask along with other social distancing measures MUST be adhered to.
  • There will not be more than two (2) customers in the Sales Office at any one time.  
  • We expect all TRADE customers to observe clearly marked office instructions and practice social distancing at all times while on site
  • TRADE Customers must also wear a mask or facial covering. We have the right to refuse an appointment without a mask.
  • If we are running late with a TRADE appointment, we may ask that you wait in their car until called upon by a member of our team.


Stock deliveries will be contactless to all sites and all locations. Our drivers have instructions and in the best interests of both customers and staff, their instructions must be observed. This is our preferred way of getting trees to you.


Generally speaking, your first step to contacting us is by phone on 03 9796 8308, by email at or via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website. We encourage everyone to use these online forms of communication around the selection and purchase of trees.  

All of our sites at 1060 Wellington Rr Narre Warren East, 100 Boundary Road Narre Warren East and 1317 Mansfield Rd Benalla will remain closed to the public. Please direct all enquiries to our 1060 Wellington Rd Narre Warren East Head Office on 03 9796 8308.

Speciality Trees has a highly capable website that caters for browsing and enquiries on tree selection and purchase. On the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website, you can send a message or fill your cart and request a quote through an online website account.  Our team will respond as promptly as possible to your enquiry.

If you prefer to contact us directly, our sales team can be reached on 03 9796 8308 or via email at  From that point, all stock photos, sales orders and invoices, as well as delivery arrangements to a secure and safe location without driver contact, can easily be accommodated by using phone and/or email.

TRADE pick-up of stock MUST be booked in with the sales team prior to collection. Please call us once you are at the gate for approval to enter.

For our TRADE customers interacting with our staff face-to-face in the nursery, the wearing of a facial covering or mask is MANDATORY and all social distancing rules must be observed as outlined above. Our staff are proactively changing how things are done to minimise risks, all the while accommodating good hygiene practise at all times and we expect everyone to do the same.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

The Speciality Trees' Team

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