The Harkaway Project

Trusting your landscaper and tree supplier is an intelligent way of ensuring long term performance of the advanced trees specified in your landscape design.

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So what about tree selection? Are there preparatory works that need to be done beforehand? Who can check over the plan and supervise the install?  How do you safeguard the performance of your trees once planted?

Speciality Trees offer a consultation service for both before the job and after to ensure your investment in quality trees and green life performs to expectation. Our comprehensive services are offered to select customers who feel they need project assistance because of the size and scope of the job. This is particularly suited to farmsteads, country properties and large residential developments.

These images are from a project consultation recently completed in Harkaway. Speciality Trees consulted with the owner at the very beginning, whereby the services of Melbourne Tree Care were employed to stop the decay of the Cypress hedge on her property through treatments. Some trees also needed to be moved so specialists from Tree Transplanting Victoria were called upon for their expertise in this area. There were follow-up meetings prior to the sourcing of trees suitable for the project, immediately prior to these trees being installed, during the install and again after the planting phase was complete. 

The customer is very happy with the specialist attention the qualified staff at Speciality Trees were able to provide.

For more information on these consultation services including design review and installation follow-up, please contact the sales team on 03 9796 8308.

19/07/2017 Projects


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