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We share the 202020 Vision!!

Councils and the general public are only just catching up with what us Nursery people and horticulturalists already know: Trees are valuable to our way of life. They assist us to stay warm or cold and aid in the filtration of fresh air for breathing.

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"The 202020 Vision is one big collaboration to make our urban areas 20% greener by 2020".

Trees and plants are good for our health and productivity, keep cities cool and reduce pollution. People even heal faster when they’re around them. Yet, so often, plants and trees are overlooked when plans are drawn and concrete poured.

Seven great reasons why we should plant more trees

  1. Based on the CBD LGA areas, our Capital Cities’ urban tree canopy is ranked as follows: Hobart (59%), Brisbane (49%), Darwin (28%), Perth (26%), Adelaide (20%), Sydney (15%) and Melbourne (13%).
  2. The annual mean air temperature of a city with 1 million people or more can be 1–3°C warmer than its surrounding areas. In the evening, the difference can be as high as 12°C.
  3. Victorian research into urban forestry has found that large, healthy trees remove approximately 70 times more air pollution than small healthy trees.
  4. A single 30m tall mature tree can absorb as much as 22.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide in a year, which over its lifetime is approximately the same amount as would be produced by an average car being driven 41,500 kilometres.
  5. The same 30m tree could also produce 2,721 kilograms of oxygen in a year, which is enough to support at least two people.
  6. Thermal mapping in Melbourne shows that, on average, a 10% increase in urban green cover could reduce the daytime surface temperature in cities during heat waves by around 1°C.
  7. Most crime occurs in suburbs with lowest tree cover.

Speciality Trees is a proud partner in the 202020 Vision.



For more information on the 202020 Vision initiative, please click here.

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