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Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. With greater search capability & improved access to create, save and share tree selections, we hope you are inspired to explore more.

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A new website with even more inspiration at your fingertips

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Wanting to offer greater search capability and improved access to create, save and share tree selections, we have worked hard to now be able to reveal our updated website.  Encased in a slightly different look, the new Speciality Trees website contains a heap of improvements and new features aimed at inspiring and connecting customers with our business and the benefits of planting trees grown well.

Under development for over 18 months, users of the updated site will be welcomed by fresh colours and enhanced tools all designed to explore the broad range of deciduous, evergreen, native and screening trees we offer in sizes ranging from 30cm to 300 litres. But there is more.

Building upon the existing Treefinder program – a search platform created to assist the selection of suitable trees for a number of planting scenarios – the updated website allows for an expanded search experience, offering multiple fields not previously accessible. This enables the user to short-list selections based on sort-after attributes or a specific planting situation.

For instance, you can search for a deciduous tree with great flowering to eight metres tall for screening, or a large native selection with attractive foliage and an upright growth habit for a coastal planting. Options are only limited to the degree to which you continue to refine your search.

We hope that this tool along with product links to similar trees and other varieties throughout the site will lead to a greater review of possibilities, leading to better tree selection and improved purchasing confidence.

Another feature is being able to search for a tree by its common name. Let’s face it; those Latin names are hard to remember!  And if you can’t remember what trees you looked at previously, the site holds your last six selections for instant reference, on whatever screen you view.  

Toggling between stock in production and material ready to sell now, is a new feature of the site and gives you an immediate indication of availability. 

Of course, for those unsure where to start their tree search, categories have been conveniently assembled to initiate discussion around a number of commonly asked-for characteristics or planting scenarios.

Search by category - hedging, screening, feature tree etc. Be inspired by our suggestions. Filter these selections by size to further refine your search. 

Not sure what you need? Try scrolling through our collections for inspiration. These lead to suggestions that in turn open up to more information about the tree itself. Save as a favourite or create your own collection. It is easy to do, just follow our prompts.

At the very heart of our website is our extensive library of trees, each with a description, use and planting advice. Here you can readily see if we have material available in the container size you require. Save the tree to your shopping cart and with a simple click of a button, you can send through your selections to us for pricing. One of our sales team will respond quickly with all the information you require to make an informed purchase decision. 

So you have narrowed down your list to a few trees. They may be of the same species or different based on height or category. At a glance, you can compare these trees by using the comparison tool we have created. Solutions are at your fingertips.

Registering as a user of the site opens up even more functionality allowing user lists to be compiled, saved and emailed to your landscaper or designer for instance. You can request a new quote from the sales team or re-send one previously sent if you are a developer or builder looking to duplicate a landscape look. Your quote history is retained on site and there is provision to attach photos, additional comments or a supplementary plant list.

The ability to save and send is greatly improved and access to information is super easy. Hover your cursor over any button or image and you are given an explanation of its function, making this website incredibly easy to navigate.

We welcome you to explore the possibilities!

20/09/2018 In the News, Website tools


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