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Advanced Trees - A focus on Hakea

The 'who's who' in the Hakea world. Read on to find the one that's just right for your outdoor space.

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Maybe it is the appearance of sun and the prospect of warmer weather, but we at Speciality Trees are feeling pretty outdoorsy! We are delighted in the longer days and the opportunities that that affords us in the great outdoors. We get to relax outside after work, play with the kids before and after dinner and finish off projects on the go, all because of that little extra daytime.

Outside dining is starting up again. Hedging lines are extremely popular this time of year as everyone thinks about Christmas and the social demands placed upon us this time of year. Now is a great time to transform that outdoors area with hard and soft screening options. Of course, softening hard surfaces - fences, lattice, brick and rendered walls - with trees and plants is essential for a relaxed and inviting environment. Here's what you could plant right now..Hakea.

Our selection to the right is a 'who's-who' on Hakea. These native trees are so under valued and under utilised in the modern garden. They are great for native gardens as they attract birds when in full flower, but they are so versatile too especuially when planted closely together for a tight yet breezy screen. And check out the subtle foliage differences below.

We offer a '3 Bears' selection, each being slightly different from the other.

Hakea 'Pink Pokers' (below left) and Hakea 'Red Pokers' (below right) - these trees offer a really slender and fine leaf that tends to droop and weep, responding effortlessly to the sway of wind. They are a soft native that will cover and screen with ease and when in flower, offer magnificent flowers that cling to tree. We have no doubt these will be a talking point between July and September every year.

Hakea laurina (below right) is probably the most commonly used of the Hakeas we grow and supply. It has a slightly thicker leaf and this is probably enough of a change to make this tree look less billowy and much more open.

Like a true 'in between' foliage selection - not too thin and not too thick - is Hakea salisifolia (below left). It's leaf is a beautiful mix of green with red tinge and as a specimen it is fuller and bushier than both Hakea laurina and 'Pink' or 'Red Pokers'. Like all Hakeas it is subject to the sway of the wind. These are great selections to use for hedging in modern gardens.

The Garden Party promotional campaign is aimed at inspiring Victorians back into their gardens this Spring! 'The Nursery & Garden Industry used to own Spring - it's time to take it back!' So it's time to get into your garden or start that landscaping project you've being talking about for years. Of course, if you need advice on tree selection and supply, talk to us!

This tree is a gem. When in flower it has the most amazing array of flowers - in combinations of light and dark pink, woven incricately and delicately up the tree. The open form of this Hakea means that the flowers are very easy to see. Outside of its flowering period, it is just as stunning. Known as grass-leaf Hakea it has an attractive open habit and long slender linear leaves.
Hakea laurina is bold and handsome with simple and shapely leaves widely spaced that wave and curl attractively. Flowers are packed in tight clusters on ripe wood. Flowering starts towards the end of April and goes normally until the end of August. The rounded pin-cushion flower heads are soft cherry red in colour, with projecting long styles, changing from white to pale pink when mature. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L
Hakea salisifolia has attractive pale to mid-green linear leaves to 12cm in length. The new growth has pinkish red to bronze tips which makes that in itself an attractive feature. To see this tree as a screen is a delight as its blend of colours particularly in winter and spring is delightful.
Hakea 'Pink Pokers' is another eye-catching specimen. Its flowers are pink and appear to be woven tight to the tree. The open habit ensures that these wonderful blooms are noticed. At other times of the year it is a beautiful specimen, great for adding softness to native gardens and structures. Planted close, it offers good screening.
This showy Hakea produces orange-red elongated flowers in winter and spring, followed by woody seed capsules. Like Hakea multilineata its leaves are long and narrow. Its open habit ensures that full attention is given it during flowering season between July and September.

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