Bird-attracting Trees

Layered landscapes which embrace diversity of foliage, flower, colour and texture, can often feature a bird attracting tree or two if you are looking to increase the presence of bird life in your landscape.  Many native trees already provide visual year-round interest due to their brightly coloured flowers and attractive grey-green foliage but these can also attract nesting and nectar eating birds. Here is a sample of trees that do just that. 

On our website, look for this symbol  to denote trees that will encourage bird life into your landscape.

Acacia implexa

Acacia is one of the best species to start with when talking about bird attracting trees as they provide cover for birds as well as food in the form of seeds or insects. This drought tolerant small tree has an open crown, long slender green leaves and pale yellow flowers in summertime. The perfect environment for native birds! Talk to us today about material in 40cm and 52L.

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Banksia serrata

Banksia produce lots of nectar and flowers that sit inside the shrub, helping to shelter birds while they feed. Banksia serrata in particular has silvery grey flower spikes and cones. As a small to medium sized tree with a single, often gnarly-looking trunk, this species makes an excellent specimen tree for the native or semi-native landscape.  This tree is also insect attracting and available in 40cm containers now!

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Callistemon citrinus 'Kings Park Special'

This is another striking tree that produces beautiful crimson flower spikes in spring and summer to attract the human eye as well as seed heads for the attraction of native birds. Planting a few trees of one species is a good idea so there is enough of that resource for many birds to come and visit. We have great looking stock ready to go now in 30cm and 40cm containers as well as 52L bags.

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Hakea salicifolia

This is another seed pod producing tree great as a stand-alone feature or one you can mix with other natives. It produces white flowers that sit in the leaf axils in late winter and spring. Woody seed pods follow and so will the birds. Talk to us today to secure 30cm and 40cm containers before they sell out.


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Corymbia ficifolia 'Baby Orange'

This is a compact and tough Australian native with brilliant orange flowers in summertime. Trees with a dense canopy like this one will be more likely to attract and provide habitat for small birds. Of course, their enormous appeal is also due to their amazing colour and propensity to flower. Check out our 40cm stock - they look fabulous!

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Elaeocarpus reticulatus

This Australian native has deep green foliage that is a reddy/pink when young. It produces white to pink feathery flowers that hang like tiny lampshades during spring and summer. These are followed by dark blue berries from which is where it gets its name. It is these berries that attract small birds into the garden. Our 100L stock would provide an immediate appeal at approximately 2.5+m tall!

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Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius 'Jerilderie Red'

This is an attractive densely canopied tree that produces densely packed powdery-red flowers that are shaped like small bells during the summer months. This is a stunning native tree that is bird, butterfly and insect attracting. Available in 40cm containers and 100L bags, this stock is very popular and only limited numbers remain in current batches. Call ASAP to order.

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Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Rosea'

Australian gums provide a good habitat for birdlife mainly because they offer sturdy limbs and a flush of flowers over the course of the year. This tree produces red flowers in clusters of three from around autumn to springtime. We have good numbers available now in 30cm, 40cm, 50L and 100L bags.

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