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'Retro' or 'Reminiscent' - Trees that have defied the test of time

Tried and tested over the years and still proving to be very popular due to their great performance in the garden.

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This is a dwarf version of one of the great iconic Australian trees. Amazing lemon scented foliage and smooth, slightly mottled bark make this tree a genuine favourite among many people. It is a popular tree that crosses generations. And the 'Dwarf Pink' variety is a ripper; growing to 7 metres, it is small enough for the domestic garden and brilliantly true to its larger parent. We have good looking stock in 30cm and 50 litre containers. 40cm/27L
Growing 6 metres x 4 metres, this Pittosporum has definitely withstood the test of time. Reminding most of us of the 60's and 70's when it was planted everywhere, today still sees solid demand. Easily identified and easy to grow in just about all conditions, you can understand why. Talk to us about supply in 50 litre containers.
This tree will always appear on lists because of its large leaf and dense form. The added bonus is in its outstanding red colour on new growth turning green as it matures. It has small white flowers bourne in spring followed by red fleshy fruit. A classic selection for clipped hedges or dense screens. A retro favourite, we have material ready in 30cm and 50 litre containers ready to plant. 50cm/52L
This has got to be one of the most recognisible trees especially in summer when it is a mass of brilliant purple, bell-shaped flowers. it is an elegant tree with fine foliage that offers good open form and dappled canopy in summertime. We can never imagine not growing this one. We have material in 20cm, 40cm, 50 litre, 100 litre and 200 litre bags. 40cm/27L 100L 150L 200L
Pin Oaks have always been popular for their lobed, shiny, dark green leaves and autumnal colour. If you want the colour and leaf shape of the Oak tree but are restricted on space, 'Green Pillar' is one you should consider. More columnar in shape, it is great for driveways and avenues where space can be an issue. Of course, it exhibits the same fabulous autumnal colourings as its parent. We have great stock coming on in 40cm and 50 litres. Be sure to order with us today. 50cm/52L 200L
This distinctive native tree is another specimen that will always appear on lists particularly due to its rough patterened bark and long green leaves with a silver underside. And those amazing cylindrical pale yellow flowers produced from Summer to Winter are one of the most distinctive native flowers around. We have a moderate supply in a number of forms including 50 containers and 100 litre bags. 30cm/14L 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 100L
Everyone has to have a lemon tree in their back yard. We still can't think of a better house-warming gift! Although there are a few varieties to choose from, Meyer is a small growing bushy tree that produces numerous crops of medium sized lemons throughout the year. The fruit has a softer skin and sweeter tasting juice. Popular planted in Mediterranean gardens, lemon trees will always remain a staple line. We have material ready in 30cm, 50 litre and 100 litre bags, depending on your requirements.
The delightful Bay Tree. This is an upright, hardy, evergreen tree with deep green foliage. Ideal for topiary and used extensively for cooking, they have had resurgence of late due to the trend in Mediterranean gardens. The yellow buds offer a great contrast against the green foliage. We have good numbers ready to go now in 40cm containers. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L

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