Time to Define Your Space

Now is a great time to create an outdoor space for year-round entertaining, that safe cosy spot for the kids to play, or your well overdue and well-thought out veggie patch. Let's face it most of us would love a private courtyard area ideal to soak up the rays of the winter sun.

Now is a great time to plan and plant out that dream. And the selection of materials to define your space is critical to the overall look and feel of the final product. Do you go for green big and beautiful, man-made walls or a combination of both? Of course we like the green and relatively complete option. But if the space is substantial and funds don't stretch across advanced stock, your inspiration and patience, will be well rewarded with suitable smaller options from us, all ready to go now. 

The result will be stunning either way. Of course call us for more information on any of these selections and we'll help you with all the planting and spacing advice you need. 


Our recommendation...

Syzygium australe 'Hinterland Gold'

This is an ideal native shrub for hedges and lush screens. Growing to 6 metres it has a compact branching structure and glossy green foliage. New foliage takes on that stunning copper hue too. Produces fluffy white flowers and fleshy red berries but that is over-shadowed by the neatness and versatility of this tree to define an outside space, giving you both style and functionality.  Our 150 litre bags are currently 3 metres tall - perfect for immediate effect!

Syzygium australe 'Hinterland Gold'

This is an ideal native shrub for hedging and screening due to its neat form and compact foliage. It also grows a useful 3 metres wide so great lateral coverage is on offer too. This appears to be our tree of the moment, and we have amazing looking stock in 40cm/27L, 50cm/52L and 100L bags.

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Acmena smithii 'BWNFIR Firescreen PBR'

An attractive Australian native fast-growing shrub or small tree. It has a slightly broader leaf than straight Acmena smithii and a semi-pendulous, dense growth habit right to ground level. The new growth is glossy and copper red in colour, maturing to mid green. We have great numbers in a number of sizes: 40cm/27L and 50cm/52L containers, but you will need to be quick!

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Juniperus chinensis 'Spartan'

This conical shaped conifer has a beautiful upright growth habit and dark green foliage. With a dense growth habit it is a favourite for both hedges and screens depending on your needs. As an aside, it is great for topiary as well as it responds really well to pruning. Ask us to flick you an image of the 40cm or 50cm stock. Or visit us direct! Stock looks fantastic!

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Magnolia grandiflora 'Kay Parris'

We are a wrap for Magnolia 'Kay Parris' at the moment. Growing more open than 'Teddy Bear' this is a beautiful dense tree with unique wavy dark green glossy foliage. Creamy white flowers in May is an added bonus and would top off the most stunning screen. Again, there are plenty of options: 30cm, 40cm/27L, 50cm/52L and 100L bags are a 'must see'.

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Quercus palustris 'Pringreen' - Green Pillar®

This is a columnar-shaped Pin Oak great for driveways and avenue plantings - in fact anywhere where height is required but planting space is restricted. it has deeply lobed vibrant green foliage which turns various shades of bronze and deep red in the autumn months.  Reserving a quantity is recommended particularly in the 50cm/52L container size.

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Syzygium australe 'AATS' PBR Pinnacle™'

Well, what can be said of 'Pinnacle' that hasn't already be said? This is a very popular tree with one very special attribute: It grows upright and narrow. Think of it as a native substitute to Italian Pencil Pine. Ideal for driveways and footpaths: anywhere where you required height and form to guide the eye in a particular direction. We have great numbers in 50cm/52L and 100L bags, ready to go for your landscape.

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