Woodlea - A Landmark Green Community

Speciality Trees is proud to be involved in the supply of tree stock into Woodlea. Both parties understand the value of trees to create a healthy community environment.

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So much of a suburb's culture can be attributed to its balance between built structures and open space.  Studies conducted both here and world-wide indicate that communities with greater levels of green (parks, street trees, recreational space for play) carry a higher property value than those without green space and more significantly, its residents have fewer stress related health issues.

It’s the power of green, and the reason why new housing developments today are being designed with a greater emphasis on integrating the built environment with the grown environment.

Located 29 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD is Woodlea in Rockbank.

With only its first land release in March 2015, it is the fastest selling land development in Melbourne and the outer western suburbs most affordable and eagerly sought after place to live for first time homeowners. It is reported that about 40% of Woodlea’s initial 700 lot release was taken up by this segment of the market.

When completed in the next 12-14 years, Woodlea will feature 7000 homes.  Along with affordability, the estate’s green vision is a major drawcard for anyone seeking accessibility to both recreational facilities and major services including easy transport options to and from Melbourne.

Speciality Trees is proud to be involved in the supply of tree stock into Woodlea.  Both parties understand the value of trees to create the right community environment and both share a passion to connect people with green infrastructure.  Woodlea’s ambition for all residents to be in walking distance of a park resonates strongly with our desire for everyone to have a closer relationship with green for greater health and wellbeing.  Boasting 200 ha of open space, conservation areas, wetlands and cycle and walking tracks, its green vision and quality expectations make it a pleasure to supply into.

While the first residents will be able to enjoy early stage community amenities and services including a neighbourhood park, within the next 5-7 years Woodlea will deliver a Local Town Centre spanning 5,700 square metres with a mix of public and business space, supermarket and retail stores, a bus interchange and other professional services. It is a comprehensive and well-thought out community venture.

Few communities can offer this combination of high quality contemporary homes, modern convenience and commitment to the grown environment.

Here is just a glimpse of the type of material we are growing under contract for Woodlea.

This is a popular Australian native tree loved for its smooth bark, twisted limbs and large expanded trunk base. Its size makes it very useful for canopy cover in wide streetscapes, large avenues or parks.  40cm/27L 100L
Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius 'Bella Pink' is a broad form native that grows to approximatley 8m tall. Flowers are intensely pink in summer making it a distinctive selection for avenue planting and streetscapes. As an Australian native it has good drought tolerance. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 200L
This dwarf yellow gum grows to 6m making it a good selection for native streetscapes. it is a shapely native with a dappled open canopy, single trunk and smooth bark that sheds. It's grey-green leaves once mature is offset by masses of pink, red and sometimes cream blossom.  40cm/27L
This is an attractive, some say fast growing, deciduous tree with an open canopy. It has small narrow leaves turning deep green in summer to claret colour in autumn. This is a beautiful urban tree very suitable for streetscapes. 50cm/52L 100L
This is a beautiful but very tall spotted gum. It has magnificent smooth cream bark characterised by grey spots. The leaves are dark glossy green with small clusters of white fragrant flowers that are borne in autumn and winter. Consider this tree for large open spaces, parks and large avenues. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 100L
This Australian native tree is indigenous to eastern Australia It has very dark brown to black bark that does not shed. Leaves are a beautiful blue to greyish green.It is a very distinguishable native tree growing to 15m tall.
This semi deciduous tree has a lovely pendular habit with bright green serrated leaves. It's bark is smooth and flaking showing an array of colours including grey, redish brown and cream. Elms have traditionally been a very popular street tree due to their form and size.
This Australian native tree is oval shaped and has greyish green leaves with a short trunk. The bark can be smooth or box like (fissured). Red Box is used as an ornamental tree for street and park planting.  40cm/27L

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