Sapium sebiferum 'syn. Triadica sebifera'

Chinese Tallowood

A deciduous tree with beautiful autumn colour. The green heart shaped leaves change in autumn, displaying a brilliant array of colour in shades of crimson, yellow and orange. A fast growing small to medium tree with a distinct main trunk and grey bark with furrows which run from top to bottom. This variety starts off as a pyramid shape when young and develops a medium domed crown as it matures. In spring, yellow-green catkins are produced, followed by small capsules which open to reveal white, waxy seeds.

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Excellent street tree. A great specimen tree in parks and gardens. It becomes a great addition to any garden due to its stunning autumn colours.

Position & Soil

Tolerant of a wide range of well drained soils and site conditions once established. Best in full sun for autumn colour but can tolerate partial shade too.


This symbol denotes trees that have leaves that fall off or are shed seasonally to avoid adverse weather conditions such as cold or drought.
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Feature Foliage
These trees are known for distinctive foliage in terms of colour, structure or shape.
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