Compare the specifications of Waterhousea floribunda 'ST1' Whisper (syn. Syzygium) varieties.

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Tree Waterhousea floribunda 'ST1' Whisper (syn. Syzygium) Whisper Weeping Lilly Pilly




Description Unique to Speciality Trees and one of our most popular sellers! This is a versatile, bushy tree with a wonderful weeping habit making it perfect for large screening projects and the softening of fence lines. Propagated from Victorian mother-stock, unlike other Waterhousea, so responds better to all weather conditions, including cooler climates. New growth starts off pink with leaves turning to various shades of green as the foliage matures. Foliage is maintained to the base of the plant giving a year-round lush, full appearance. It forms a small quantity of creamy-white flowers in summer. Berry production on 'Whisper' is unlike other Lilly Pillies, with minimal quantities of small green berries that, whilst bird attracting, these fruits are tucked in amongst the foliage and are not obvious.    
Mature Size 8 x 5m    
Uses Can be used as a specimen tree in parks and gardens. It is an excellent screening tree and informal hedge. Adds vibrant colour and texture to any garden. 'Whisper' can also be pruned up from the base to raise the canopy (remove lower foliage) to make a feature of its central trunk.    
Position & Soil 'Whisper' is tolerant of most soils, in a full-sun to part-shade position. It can tolerate occasionally wet conditions and responds well to pruning. Will cope with some frost, as long as not sustained or extreme cold.    
Pot sizes
in production
• 30cm/14L (0.8-1.0m)
• 40cm/27L (1.2-1.4m)
• 50cm/52L (1.5-1.7m)
• 100L (1.6-1.8m)
• 150L (2.5-3.2m)
Substitutes Acmena smithii '(syn. Syzygium)'
Acmena smithii 'BWNFIR' Firescreen ™ (syn. Syzygium)
Callistemon viminalis 'Dawson River Weeper'
Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Castlewellan Gold'
Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Leightons Green'
Photinia robusta
Prunus lusitanica
Syzygium australe 'Hinterland Gold'
Syzygium australe 'ST2'
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