The Signature Tree Program

It is important that the right tree is chosen for every urban situation. Influenced by the stature and iconic look of Australian trees, our Signature Tree Program is all about sourcing and developing 'best of type' selections and naturally occurring variances from trusted native varieties. With advancements in grafting techniques, these new selections offer greater uniformity, compactness and often enhanced flowering capabilities.

The result to landscapers, developers and designers is a greater palette of indigenous selections for the urban environment without compromise to performance. 

Here is a rundown of the new varieties we are promoting for future use in streetscapes, parks and gardens. These lines are predominantly native and offer a fresh take on traditional mainstay with the benefit of increased performance. Some have intense flowering but all offer a 'plant anywhere' tolerance to a broad range of soil conditions and compact height for landscape versatility.

Corymbia maculata 'Lowanna'
Finally a traditional selection truly local to our climate and guaranteed to perform! This variety is a fresh and welcome take on straight Corymbia maculata growing conservatively between 8-12 metres tall making it highly suitable for residential projects and larger suburban gardens. With attractive greenish grey perdulous leaves and a full and portly stature, 'Lowanna' has great spunk. And as a spotted gum you still get thoses magnificent two-tone patterns on its trunk. Makes for a fine individual specimen and casual native hedge.

Waterhousea floribunda 'Whisper'
This is a lush, robust and fast growing evergreen native with a beautiful pendulous habit. Linear cascading leaves are green with a reddish-orange tinge on you ng growth. It is an outstanding performer in the south eastern parts of Australia and holds good colour throughout the colder months particularly when new growth begins to form. Its slightly larger leaf makes ours a denser form of Waterhousea than others on the market. Its fullness also means that it is dressed to the ground and can be used very successfully as a soft, graceful yet dense screen. This is a beautiful, highly versatile selection to 12m tall and 8m wide.

Brachychiton populneus x acerifolius 'Jerilderrie Red'
Brachychiton hybrid ‘Jerilderie Red’ is an attractive dense tree that grows 8m tall and 7m wide. With a standard tree shape, strong single trunk and smart green foliage on slender petioles, its worth as a specimen tree is undeniable. Add to this a stunning display of red bell-shaped flowers produced on masse in the summer months, and its position intensifies as a fresh selection for designers, landscapers and consumers looking for something different.

Corymbia citriodora 'Dwarf Pink'
This fantastic selection has fine leaves, grows to 8 metres in 20 years, remains fully ‘dressed’ with little to no limb drop and has the most magnificent salmon pink bark. Grafted onto C. maculata this tree will appeal for street tree and general amenity plantings.

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Contract Growing

The Speciality Trees Team is focused on meeting customer needs with the timely supply of premium quality material. One way to ensure you get what you want, to the specification required, at the precise time you need it is to have us contract grow the material for you.

Contract growing is a growing part of our business and is recommended for larger projects with medium to long lead times. For terms and conditions please download our pdf here and/or contact our sales team.

With a down payment to secure the material, this intelligent and economical way of managing project material provides you with the utmost confidence and assurance that your trees are being grown and nurtured in accordance with our strict adherence to quality and environmental standards.


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