Melia azedarach

White Cedar, China Berry

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Native to north-eastern parts of Australia and South East Asia, this tree is one of the few deciduous Australian natives. Belonging to the mahogany family, it is fast growing with a rounded crown and dense leaf covering, making it a good choice for a deciduous shade tree. Glossy new foliage emerges in spring along with clusters of showy, fragrant, lilac flowers followed by hard, yellow to pale orange bead-like fruits which hang on the tree well into autumn after the leaves have fallen. The fruit although poisonous to humans and some animals, can provide abundant food for birdlife. It is adaptable and tolerant of a wide range of conditions and soil types.

  • Family: Meliaceae
  • Common Name: White Cedar, China Berry
  • Mature Size (h x w): 10 x 8m
  • Form: V-Shaped
  • Genus: Melia

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Lovely feature tree. Great for small gardens.

Position & Soil

Prefers most soils in a sunny position.


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Melia azedarach 'Caroline'
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