Prunus lusitanica

Evergreen Prunus, Portugese Laurel

This is a very hardy evergreen shrub or small tree. It's dense habit lends itself well to hedging and screening and as it responds well to pruning, it is even ideal as a large standard. Bark is blackish-brown and the leaves are glossy, dark green and oval in shape, with new growth being lime green in colour. Small white flower heads decorate the tree in spring followed by cherry-like fruits which are green or reddish green at first, and turn dark purple or black as they ripen in late summer or early autumn.

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Common Name: Evergreen Prunus, Portugese Laurel
  • Mature Size (h x w): 5 x 3m
  • Form: Round
  • Genus: Prunus

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Prunus lusitanica can be used effectively as a layered backdrop to smaller trees and plants. Clipped, it makes a suitable hedge or screen.

Position & Soil

Prefers a well drained, moist soil in a sunny or partly shady positionbut will tolerate dry periods once established. Takes well to pruning.


This symbol denotes a tree that retains its leaves, therefore is green, all year round.
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Formal Screening
These are tree selections that grow tall enough to provide screening from neighbours, walls and garages. They are usually dense growers with a small or thick leaf that is easy to keep in shape.
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These trees are dense and full - perfect for clipping into hedges along walls, paths and driveways.
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