Acer rubrum 'Autumn Red'

Canadian Maple

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This is a very common deciduous tree in North America. It is a beautiful rounded tree for Autumn colour selection, although leaves stay green longer than other varieties before turning bright orange to deep red. All parts of the tree, for example flowers, twigs and seeds, are red in varying shades.

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A great selection as a feature or specimen tree. Its autumn colours are great for avenue planting or parksa and medium to large gardens.

Position & Soil

Full sun to part shade. Can cope with a wide range of soil conditions but prefers a humis rich soil. Dry and wet areas can be tolerated.


These trees are larger, maybe slightly more magestic looking for grand entrances where there is sufficient space to plant.
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This symbol denotes trees that have leaves that fall off or are shed seasonally to avoid adverse weather conditions such as cold or drought.
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Feature Foliage
These trees are known for distinctive foliage in terms of colour, structure or shape.
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Group Planting
The upright structure of these trees make for an excellent group feature. Some trees planted this way create a bush land affect.
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Shade Tree
This selections provide commanding shade when fully mature. A great option for backyard summer shade.
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Also referred to as feature trees, these are noteworthy selections due to size, shape, foliage cover, seasonal colour or general knock-out attractiveness. They can stand-alone in any garden.
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